What is it not Rude to Exchange Gifts for Christmas?

Christmas is coming and many organizations and companies have Christmas dinners that include gift-exchange sessions. Christmas gifts must pay attention to “some unwritten rules” to avoid stepping on mines.

1) Do not refuse to participate

Even if you don’t like celebrating Christmas, or are not interested in exchanging gifts, you should cooperate. Think of it as a rare opportunity to get to know colleagues and friends and cultivate relationships with you.

If the economy is in trouble and the amount of gift exchange is too high, talk to the organizer and see what to do with it. Maybe other people have a similar problem.

2) Don’t buy funny gifts

Funny gifts to familiar relatives and friends may stir up the atmosphere of a hot dinner, but in public may be self-defeating. The embarrassing situation is small, most worried about inadvertently offending colleagues and friends, so alternative gifts can be avoided.

3)Don’t be too shabby, not too rich

Gift exchange in social situations usually sets the gift price, so you should not deviate from the specified price too far, not too cheap, not too expensive. Gifts are too expensive and can be a burden or unnecessary attention to the recipient.

Gift-exchange activities take various forms, with some designating recipients and others taking the form of raffles. If you specify the recipient, of course you can choose the gift according to his preference; if you do not know who the recipient is, what is the “safest” gift?

Huang Mei Yan, 34, founder of public relations firm Essence Communications, said: “gifts should be available to men and women, such as food, stationery such as notebooks, and health products such as massages, which are generally quite popular. It’s a good cake to bake yourself. “

Hong Tianjin, 29, an advertising and promotion specialist with imprinted products, suggested giving away items suitable for office use, such as neck pillows, perfumes and essential oils, stationery sets, storage appliances such as acrylic or plastic boxes and drawers. And food and snacks that can be shared with other colleagues. These gifts are suitable for colleagues of all ages and for men and women. For example, sitting at your desk for a long time can support your neck and waist with a neck pillow, and you can take it with you when you travel.

Do gifts have to be wrapped?

” Wrap the gift carefully so that the recipient can feel what you want. “No one likes to be given a gift that feels casual because it’s so insincere. Besides, be sure to remove the price tag! “

Good-looking packaging is not necessarily expensive. Huang Mei Yan’s former colleagues used to wrap gifts on magazine pages, both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Hong Chia-jin suggests personalized gift packaging, such as a special Christmas seal in an unpainted store, which can be used on wrapping paper and notebooks.

She said: “things are light, sentimental, personal gift packaging is more sincere, and will leave a more profound impression on the recipient.”

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