Cute Hairstyles Suitable for Hats

Hats are popular hair accessories in recent years. A flawless hat, going with a suitable hairstyle, stoles my heart from time to time. To a certain extent, a hat would contribute to flattering outfits if it goes well with a suitable hairstyle. Although many love hats to match their outfits, it is necessary to choose a flattering hat and hairstyle, so that you could win the best look among crowds. In the event that you are a hat lover, there are some practical tips on hairstyles to make you look more attractive, impeccable and gorgeous. Here are some recommendations on hairstyles.

No.1 Messy Bun with A Cap 

If you are surrounded by a picnic atmosphere, it’s a good choice to comb a low messy bun. Certainly, such a hairstyle will also make you feel comfortable. The comfortable and casual low bun will beat all the trends, lighting up your attractive hat look. It leaves you flattering and leaves your hat securely on the head. Some loose hair strands on shoulders would also a contributor to your charming look.

Cap & Low Messy Bun

No. 2 Side Braid For a Cowboy Hat

Most female are enthusiastic followers of cowboys hats, because of revealing spirits of freedom and rebellion. Stunning loose braids are also an alluring factor in daily looks. If you would like to look exceptional, pairing braids with a hat is an almost perfect scenario. Leaving several loose strands of hair on shoulders is a not bad manner to refresh your look.

Cowboy Hat

No.3 High Ponytail and a Baseball Cap 

If you would like to style a girly look, a high ponytail is also another flattering and awesome hairstyle. It will make you look mesmerizing. Go for a high ponytail and match it with a simple white baseball cap. A look full of girly sense like the above one is going out of the photo.

No.4 Young Girly Double Braids & Bucket Hat

A smashing look suitable for a complete vacation helps a lot in roaming all the day. A simple pink cap goes well with many low curled hairstyle, such as adorable double braids. It’s also a perfect manner to binding all hair, preventing them haunting you at all times. Fringes are also could be used to conceal the original face shape, creating a V-shaped chin.

Double Braids & Bucket Hat

No.5 Girly Open Hair & Sun Hat

No matter a straight open hair or a medium and long curled hairstyle is flawless and perfect to go with a sun hat. A mesmerizing look is on par with curve figure and rose complexion. All of them could become a highlighter in your outfit. At an event or in a special occasion, it’s no doubt that straight hair and a floppy hat are marvellous.

No.6 Panama Hat & Braided Crown 

Braided crowns contribute a lot in creating elegant sense of your look. A neat and fad look goes well with many wide-brim hats, which just expose elegant braided crown. There are also many ideas on perfect outfits, which could be created by some accessories and trendy products.

Panama Hat & Braided Crown

US “Black five” Online Shopping Attraction Without Less Christmas Test the Economy

Online shopping has gained more and more attention from customers in recent years. On Black Friday, however, many Americans still opt for offline shopping, even 14 hours in line.

American merchants usually promote goods on the fourth Friday of November. The day, known as Black Friday, marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. This year Black Friday is 23rd, followed by 21st Thanksgiving Day. Outside the American Shopping Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, some people lined up around 16:00 on Thanksgiving Day, AP reported. When the mall opened at 6 am on the 23rd, about 3000 shoppers gathered at the door.

In Ohio, some people simply stay in a hotel on Thanksgiving night, trying to stay “as close as possible” to the store. Macy’s Department Store, Walmart, Target Department Store and other businesses decided to start promoting some stores on Thanksgiving night. But Michelle Wise, a resident of Denver, Colo., was “unimpressed” by the decision. “We ‘boycott’ shopping on Thursday,” Wise said. “Fridays are important days for families, mainly for fun.” On Black Friday, she went shopping with her 16-year-old and 14-year-old daughters.

As in previous years, some people are fighting for cheap goods. Candice Clark, a Louisville, Kentucky resident, said she and her 16-year-old daughter, her 10-year-old son, had seen her at a Walmart store, where a woman waved a stun gun and banned other customers from approaching her favorite kitchen utensils. A frying pan hit Clark’s son in the head as shoppers scrambled for goods.

Crowded crowds and a chaotic rush to buy “scare off” a lot of consumers. Priscilla Page placed an online order this year to buy gifts for her boyfriends. “I’ve never been patient,” Page said. “Crowd, line up, wait, it’s not my dish. This (online shopping) is much easier. “

Spending during the Christmas shopping season is a test for the U.S. economy, the Associated Press reported. Personal consumer spending accounts for about 70 percent of the U.S. economy. The Commerce Department released data on Oct. 26 showing that consumer spending is expected to contribute 2.69 percent to U.S. economic growth in the third quarter. The National Federation of retailers expects total retail sales to exceed $720 billion during the Christmas shopping season, up 4.8 percent from the same period in 2017.

Around 05:40 Black Friday, Denver resident Kim Bryant lined up outside a store with his daughter and her friends; as soon as 6: 00 opened, the three rushed in.

Can gifts be transferred?

I believe everyone has received gifts that are not suitable for you. Would it be appropriate to transfer them to colleagues?. The interviewees had different opinions. Hong Jiajin and Huang Mei both cast a negative vote, which they considered impolite.

Hong said: “the gift may be back to the original gift-giver ‘s hand, which is too embarrassing.” Why don’t you donate it to charity or give it to your family and tell them it’s a gift you received? “

Zhou believes that the gift depends on the gift, the first condition is that the gift must be intact and, if necessary, can be repackaged. He explained: “A gift that is not suitable for you is better than a gift for someone else.” Gift exchange is a form after all, it is important not to perfunctory, so consider whether the gift will play a role in the recipient’s life. “

If you are out and about in unberethat on hat shopping trip, there are a few … Here you will find a charming selection of caps, hats, and Pumpkin Beret Hat with Mohair.

What is it not Rude to Exchange Gifts for Christmas?

Christmas is coming and many organizations and companies have Christmas dinners that include gift-exchange sessions. Christmas gifts must pay attention to “some unwritten rules” to avoid stepping on mines.

1) Do not refuse to participate

Even if you don’t like celebrating Christmas, or are not interested in exchanging gifts, you should cooperate. Think of it as a rare opportunity to get to know colleagues and friends and cultivate relationships with you.

If the economy is in trouble and the amount of gift exchange is too high, talk to the organizer and see what to do with it. Maybe other people have a similar problem.

2) Don’t buy funny gifts

Funny gifts to familiar relatives and friends may stir up the atmosphere of a hot dinner, but in public may be self-defeating. The embarrassing situation is small, most worried about inadvertently offending colleagues and friends, so alternative gifts can be avoided.

3)Don’t be too shabby, not too rich

Gift exchange in social situations usually sets the gift price, so you should not deviate from the specified price too far, not too cheap, not too expensive. Gifts are too expensive and can be a burden or unnecessary attention to the recipient.

Gift-exchange activities take various forms, with some designating recipients and others taking the form of raffles. If you specify the recipient, of course you can choose the gift according to his preference; if you do not know who the recipient is, what is the “safest” gift?

Huang Mei Yan, 34, founder of public relations firm Essence Communications, said: “gifts should be available to men and women, such as food, stationery such as notebooks, and health products such as massages, which are generally quite popular. It’s a good cake to bake yourself. “

Hong Tianjin, 29, an advertising and promotion specialist with imprinted products, suggested giving away items suitable for office use, such as neck pillows, perfumes and essential oils, stationery sets, storage appliances such as acrylic or plastic boxes and drawers. And food and snacks that can be shared with other colleagues. These gifts are suitable for colleagues of all ages and for men and women. For example, sitting at your desk for a long time can support your neck and waist with a neck pillow, and you can take it with you when you travel.

Do gifts have to be wrapped?

” Wrap the gift carefully so that the recipient can feel what you want. “No one likes to be given a gift that feels casual because it’s so insincere. Besides, be sure to remove the price tag! “

Good-looking packaging is not necessarily expensive. Huang Mei Yan’s former colleagues used to wrap gifts on magazine pages, both beautiful and environmentally friendly. Hong Chia-jin suggests personalized gift packaging, such as a special Christmas seal in an unpainted store, which can be used on wrapping paper and notebooks.

She said: “things are light, sentimental, personal gift packaging is more sincere, and will leave a more profound impression on the recipient.”

Economists Tell You: What Gifts are Best for Christmas

What gifts should I give you? ” This problem happens more than once a year. How do you solve it?

Economists will tell you that the best gift is cash. Because when the gift you bought me was useless, it deeply hurt our wallets as well. Every friend who receives our present is always a happy expression, thank you, but do they really like and need a present for us?

Almost 1/4 Europeans received unwanted Christmas presents in 2015, according to ING Group, a Dutch financial group.

According to ABN Amro’s “Christmas International Survey Special Report 2016“, about 81 million gifts at Christmas 2015 are not appreciated, with an estimated value of about 45 euros each.

According to ING, 3.7 billion euros were wasted on unappreciated gifts in 2015, while 10 percent of Europe’s population was in debt to buy gifts. Ian Bright, a senior economist at ING, said in a briefing, “while more people are planning ahead and saving specifically for Christmas, there are still some people who are in debt to please their families and friends. And they may not remember what they received a year later. “

When you go to great lengths to buy a gift, the person doesn’t like it. Such an outcome is really unacceptable. So Joel Waldfogel, an American economist and professor at the University of Minnesota, says it must be better to give cash directly than to give gifts, because it removes the risk of dissatisfaction, ensures happiness for all involved and makes the economy better. Turning gifts directly into cash may be an economic perfect solution that doesn’t waste, but does cash really carry the unique meaning of gifts?

Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist and author of decode New Consumer thinking, argues that the essence of gift giving lies in the heart behind the gift and the time taken to find the perfect Christmas gift for lovers. “When we were Neanderthals, we exchanged gifts because it was meaningful and magical.”

Ideally, gifts are meant to ascend, celebrate, and form relationships-not just for goods. In response to the paradox that giving cash doesn’t express a gift, economist Waldfogel also offers a solution that allows consumers to actually buy gifts for loved ones and enjoy the “warmth” of giving. It also ensures that the economy does not have to pay the price. “For kids, the present gift problem is not a problem,” Waldfogel said. But the problematic situation is related to someone you don’t know, for example, you have a brother-in-law, you only meet him once a year, and now it’s Christmas time, so you have to buy gifts for him. ” He added, “it might be better to consider giving him a gift card, which avoids the stench of cash.” Or even make a charitable donation in your name.

Don’t forget to give yourself a present at Christmas. After a year of hard work, you should love yourself the most. Yes, studies have shown that the gift you choose to give yourself makes you happier!